Blooms on a Budget

Flower displays that won’t break the bank

The right flowers can make a major impact on any meeting setup, but that doesn’t mean you have to break the bank to get them. Some clever arranging or the right choice (at the right price) means you can still dress to impress with your venue, and do it within budget. Here are some ideas. 

Big and Tall

Select large flowers—sunflowers, long-stemmed roses, or any other larger-sized bloom—to display in minimalistic ways. A few or even one large flower per vase can make an impact, lessening the amount that you have to purchase. 

Be Minimal

A single bloom, whether it’s displayed in a sleek vase or grouped with candles, as seen here, can never be underestimated. Create a chic color scheme for a front table display, or set a row of single stems at the center of each dining table. 

Stock Up

Big sprays of flowers in a large quantity make a huge statement, as seen here. Create the vibrant look by grouping less expensive variations.

Color Block

Selecting an array of flowers all in the same color makes a big impact, meaning you’ll have to display less of them. An elegant white display like this is a big win, or look for bright colors like pink or purple to make a fun statement. 

Do One Big Display

It may look pricey, but putting together one large display of flowers at the entrance, or in a conspicuous area of your venue, will make an impact and cost less than dressing every round table at the gala. Instead, set the tables with candles and the like while letting your one big display steal the scene. 

Get Creative

Eye-catching displays, like these ornaments containing flowers inside, amplify a small amount of blooms in unexpected ways.