Boost Event Engagement With Instagram

These Instagram tips not only will make it easy to use this platform at your meeting but will boost success and engagement, too!

Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest certainly have their allure for meeting and event planners, but Instagram can really prove to be an invaluable asset. Instagram can simplify sharing among attendees and create buzz around the meeting in general. And it’s a great way to encourage networking and engagement between guests and the event’s hosts.

If you’re new to Instagram or need help adapting it for a meeting, check out these tips!

Feature a (creative) hashtag. Simply put, a meeting without a hashtag is an epic fail. Hashtags make it easier for attendees (and planners) to keep up with meeting-related conversations on Instagram and allow for more seamless engagement. Hashtags can also help attendees and meeting planners grow their audiences. When coming up with a hashtag for an event, keep it short, simple and creative. Don’t be afraid to play around with puns and jokes. The more creative, the more sharing!


Keep it simple. Although social media is a way of life for many people, you can’t assume everyone knows and understands Instagram. To help attendees unfamiliar with this platform, add simple instructions (along with the meeting hashtag) to the agenda or the mobile meeting app or even project the instructions on the wall. In addition, make sure you have a few mobile-savvy helpers on hand to answer questions.


Regram (and engage with) attendees’ photos. Having a beautiful stream of photos, a successful hashtag and a great meeting vibe is one thing, but if you’re not engaging with the attendees who are sharing, the strategy isn’t complete. Throughout the meeting, regram attendees’ photos on the meeting’s main account. In addition, comment on and like photos and share them across other social platforms (with the proper tags, of course).


Hold a contest. Give attendees even more of a reason to use the social platform during the meeting by holding a contest! Here are just a few of the many ways to adapt the “share to win” strategy:

  • Host a photo scavenger hunt around the hotel, and award the quickest attendee with a prize.

  • Award the attendee with the most creative meeting photo.

  • Have attendees take photos that include a branded stuffed animal, a business card or even a sign at different locations around the city.