Breakfast in a Bun

How to serve everyone’s favorite morning meal

A recent study from The NPD confirmed that Americans really, really love their breakfast—both at and away from home. The star of the breakfast table? A sandwich. You know the kind: Eggs, sausage, cheese, all on a bun. But we’re not suggesting you run out and grab your whole meeting team a meal from a certain popular fast food chain—you can do better than that! With the help of your venue’s chef, seek to find new ways to serve up a delicious, convenient breakfast sandwich for attendees. Here are some of our favorite ideas. 

Breakfast, Deconstructed 

Not exactly grab-and-go, but certainly attractive: This breakfast sandwich display lets guests put together their own meal in just a few bites and can be altered to include a number of different ingredients.

New Flavors

This display takes a delicious breakfast regular—the croissant—and tops it with exciting flavors. Try offering a variety of breakfast (or brunch) items in a way like this.   


This display takes elements from everyone’s favorite breakfast sandwich and shrinks it down into bite-sized form. Who wouldn’t want to snag a few of these in the morning?  

Super Bowl

Want to omit the bread? Turn that breakfast sandwich into a breakfast bowl for an alternate take on favorite flavors. These could still be made easy to grab-and-go for breakfast on the run or can be served during an early morning break.