Bring on the Brain Boosters

If you want to spur creativity and imaginative thinking, a few goodies for your attendees will often do the trick. Here are six

When you’re planning a meeting with the purpose to Ideate or Produce, it’s important to pay attention to the details.

Once you have the setting, the schedule and the supplies needed to get the job done, go beyond your regular checklist for some specific goodies that will help get attendees in an imaginative fame of mind.

Remember, it’s easy getting guests into a room, but to turn on creative thinking on command? Maybe not so much. 

Some attendees can get nervous in meeting settings, while others may simply not be having their best “thinking day.” How do you ensure that your meeting gets its best possible outcome? By bringing the goodies! Little things—from what’s on your meeting supply list to breaks with smart snacks—can do a lot to get the creative juices flowing. 

Here are six ideas, straight from our Inspiration Gallery. 

Taking Shots!

No, we don’t mean alcohol (though, depending on your event, a small cocktail could spur some creativity). This colorful display features energizing and healthy juices that promise to wake guests up in a responsible and boardroom-friendly way. 

Make Mine Music

Music has been shown to greatly enhance creative thinking, so it seems an easy item to add to your list of meeting must-haves. But rather than putting together a playlist for your event, why not let your attendees take charge?

Provide a portable MP3 dock for iPhones or other audio devices, and let your guests plug in and play. You could also consider providing headphones so that each guest can listen—quietly—to the music he or she prefers. 

The Fun Table

Scoops of something sweet, plenty of water, a selection of brain-boosting games and colorful writing supplies—all of these add up to a table that encourages fun on the job. Such a spread is just the thing to inspire attendees to loosen up and get creative! 

The Write Way

Plenty of writing surfaces—in the form of writeable tabletops like this one, whiteboards, and traditional notepads and pens—will invite guests to brainstorm no matter what their setup. We love this example for its colorful treats, flavored water and a sweet little snack too.

Sharing Is Caring

This idea-sharing board, featuring colorful Post-it notes, writing utensils and easy portability, is perfect for a small-group setting. If your meeting venue doesn’t have wall space, or even if it does, this is a great way to pass around ideas and build upon them for great results.

Brain Food

This colorful setup, featuring foods that are healthy not only for the body but also for the brain, is an encouraging way to ensure that guests don’t overdo it on the sugary drinks or snacks. Think about putting together a similar setup featuring fresh fruits, nuts, refreshing beverages and more.