Bring Life to Board Meetings

Think all you need are the tried-and-true basics for board meetings? Think again — and bring some life to the boardroom.

Board meetings often get a bad rap. That’s probably because when people hear “board meeting,” they think of an empty, bland room with a rectangular table in the center. No decor. No novel experience. No life.

But board meetings don’t have to be boring, stale and lifeless. Consider these three options to liven up your next board meeting.

Offer Soft Seating 

Host a board meeting in a fresh space with great lighting. A large table still serves as the main meeting area. However, this setup allows for additional space with soft seating that is comfortably conducive to sidebar conversations.

Serve Up Snacks 

To accommodate more people and open up the lines of communication, use a hollow square seating formation. Next to the main meeting table, create a space for healthy snacks and drinks that are available to attendees throughout the meeting, not just during breaks.

Keep It Casual 

Ditch the traditional boardroom table altogether and keep things casual. Provide a variety of seating options, such as the bean bag chairs pictured. Moveable seating ensures attends can interact and flow freely through the space, while still achieving meet goals.