Celebrate Summer Solstice with these 7 Sunny Ideas

Blasting a summer playlist will be an absolute must

Remember when summer meant more than just escalating temperatures and carving out vacation time from your busy schedule? When you whiled away the hours watching the sun set from a favorite outdoor perch, saved your allowance for the next big outdoor concert or waited for hours on end to hear the ice-cream truck jingling around the corner?

For many of us, the days and nights post-June 21 are cloaked in nostalgia. And when you’re holed up in a conference room or a cubicle for the majority of the day, those memories can feel even more distant than they already are. But it doesn’t take much imagination to recapture the simple magic of the season—especially for your next summer event. Inspired by our favorite summertime activities, here are seven ideas to make your solstice celebration sing. 

1. Get Grillin’ 

The quintessential summer activity, a barbecue is a great way to get guests mingling and serve up a variety of comfort fare. Of course, mayo-slathered coleslaw and fried onions won’t always please your growing number of health-conscious guests. Here are a few ideas for guilt-free outdoor menu ideas. 

2. Summer Concert Series 

Outdoor summer concerts remain one of the best ways to celebrate the sunny season. Source local talent in your area and let guests rock out, either pre- or post-meeting. 

3.  Oh, Those Summer Nights

Encourage attendees to roast a s’more (or two) by the fire. Bonus points if you can find actual sticks to skewer the marshmallows! 

4. We All Scream for Ice Cream

Do you get a sudden jolt of joy each time you hear the ice-cream truck? Us, too––and most likely so do your guests! Consider tapping into local ice-cream truck companies to come to your venue, as the Toronto Airport Marriott hotel did. 

5. Team Bonding Poolside (or in the Pool)

Be it the beach, lake or pool, when the weather warms up, your attendees will undoubtedly have water on their mind. So why not get work or team bonding done with a splash, versus the boardroom? 

6.  Take Me Out to the Ballgame 

Bring the game of summer, baseball, to attendees through fun décor and treats, as seen here from the Renaissance Oklahoma City Convention Center Hotel. Offer up prize tickets via a raffle or competition as an added bonus. 

7.  Serve Up a Mean Backswing (and Mojito) 

Several meetings held on hotel properties come equipped with sporting facilities, including tennis courts. So why not take advantage of that amenity? Offer attendees the opportunity to spike and serve in between meetings (followed by adult beverages afterward, of course).