Cheers to Beer

Ahead of International Beer Day, drink up with a beer-focused event

Sometimes a good meal isn’t complete without a refreshing, cold glass of beer. And if the beer market is any indication, many attendees feel that way, too: The beer market is valued at about $114.2 billion in the United States alone. 

With International Beer Day coming up on August 2, there’s no better time to celebrate and drink up. Incorporate beer in your meeting with these four easy strategies: 

Host a Beer Tasting

Like wine, beer comes in many different tastes, colors and styles, and not all attendees will agree on which kind tastes best. Hops enthusiasts will rejoice at the sight of an India pale ale, for instance, while those with a preference for sours will pucker their lips at anything other than a gose.

To make sure there’s a brew in store for every palate, throw a beer tasting. Beer lovers will delight at the chance to try new ales, while the uninitiated beer drinker can sip around and find a new favorite.

Because tastings can result in heavier alcohol consumption, swap full, pint-sized pours for smaller portions (a standard at beer festivals is about 5 ounces), and offer snacks, such as pretzels, to both cleanse the palate and make sure guests balance the booze with food.

Have Your Brews and Eat Them, Too

Beer dip, beer-braised meat and beer pretzels—oh my! Beer isn’t only good to drink, it’s good to eat, too. Work with your venue chef or food vendor to curate a beer-focused menu from appetizers to dessert (a malted chocolate and stout layer cake, anyone?) for a delicious meal fit for beer enthusiasts and non alike.   

Take a Brewery Tour

Drinking beer is fun and tasty, but the science behind the brewing process is fascinating, too. Brewery tours give guests the opportunity to learn about the lengthy process from grains to bottle, chat with brewmasters, and sample a few beers, too. 

Make Your Own Beer

Want to offer guests an exclusive beverage experience? Craft your own specialty beer. Partner up with a local brewery to create your own exclusive concoction to be served at your event for guests only.