Clever Carly: 3 Big Meetings Trends for Fall 2017

Yes, we know it’s summer—but autumn is right around the corner!

Hi there, Event Planners. Clever Carly here!

OK, I know what you’re thinking: Summer just started, why on earth are we talking about fall?! And while you’re partly right, and you and your attendees should be enjoying warm weather, barbecues and summer vacations, autumn is just around the corner (have you noticed that your favorite department store is already stocking leather jackets and boots?), so it’s smart to keep the upcoming season top of mind. Luckily, my trend-o-meter has been lighting up with breakthrough ideas that you, my savvy planners, will want to know about now. From metallic décor to a social evolution, here’s what’s on the rise this fall.

A Silver Lining

While many of us might limit our Vogue reading to afternoons at the salon, the magazine offers a bounty of design ideas that apply to our jobs, too.

As the publication recently reported, flashy colors, unicorn stripes and millennial-pink madness will soon be replaced by stunning silvers, sparkles, sequins and shine––perfect for ringing in the holidays and New Year’s Eve. And while decking your event halls with copious amounts of the precious metal probably isn’t feasible (or aesthetically pleasing), there are elegant ways to subtly incorporate it into your overall décor, like this tea-time setup from the Amman Marriott Hotel.

Localized Experiences

Gone are the days when sparsely designed banquet halls, rows of auditorium-style seating and steak-chicken-fish-only menus were standard practice. Today, localization is all the rage. The logic behind this revolutionary concept is that events should incorporate the flavors, fun and individuality of the surrounding region. In other words, your Dallas-based networking event will include not only regional décor, but also local cuisine and art and music by local artists, too. (By the way, that’s exactly what’s happening at the Charlotte Marriott City Center, which houses local vendors, art design and an interactive, home-like LG Kitchen.)

Rapid Social Media Evolution

Earlier this year, we discussed how live video would revolutionize the way we planners use social media to optimize experiences. But as your smartphone-wielding nephew might remind you if he could tear herself away from the screen, social media is always evolving. If you forget to open your apps for a single day, you might miss something!

Late last year, Mark Zuckerberg confirmed that Facebook acquired the augmented-reality company Masquerade. And while the effects of that deal haven’t yet come to fruition, expect the second half of the year to bring forth some big A.R. and V.R. advancements right to your smartphone.

Snapchat, on the other hand, just rolled out Snap Map, which points users to the location in which a photo was taken. In terms of meetings, this could be huge for real-time promotion. Who wouldn’t get FOMO seeing all their peers fraternizing at your event?

Check back in two weeks for more helpful tips. You can find me on, and on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Until then, happy planning!

Always your guide,

Clever Carly