Clever Carly Here with 3 Networking Hacks for Event Planners

Meeting planners need networking hacks too. Here are three to try.

Hello there, Meeting Planners! Clever Carly here.

In the events industry, boy, do we know how to connect people. And as I’m sure you’ve realized, on this website you can find a bevy of tips for throwing a smashing networking event. But let’s be honest: Sometimes we aren’t the best networkers ourselves. It’s not that we’re bad at it; as the men (and women) behind the curtain, we are too often given over to other machinations. It’s high time we resurrect some of our networking mojo. It will help make our events more successful, yes. But more importantly, it’s better for us. Here are three hacks to get you back in the game.

Beef Up Your Social Accounts

Don’t just wait until the day of your event to start being active on social media. In the weeks leading up to the event, engage your followers on whatever piques your interest. That way they know you’re not just a drone dispensing event information; you’re a human with a soul. Seeing a recent history of engagement and responsiveness will embolden your new connections to reach out. Apps like MeetingPlay make real-time networking a breeze during an event, putting registration, attendee info and photos together under one easy tap. Join event-planning groups on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, where you can show off your smarts (and humor!) on industry questions and get updates on industry conferences to use in your networking IRL.

RSVP to Your Own Event

It might sound silly, but how many of your events are you able to make? I mean really make. Not manically wired into your headset on the outskirts of the room. Not chained to an iPad checking people in the whole time. To really see your networking life bloom, make strides to be present at your own events. You work in event planning, so try to stick to the term and square as much as you can away in advance. That way, there will be more time to socialize at—not to mention enjoy—the shindig you worked so hard on. Plus, you’ll have the upper hand: You know exactly how the event will unfold, and you already know everyone attending.

Be an Attendee

There’s only one way better than digitally connecting with your industry, and that’s face to face. A slew of events cater to events professionals throughout the year, such as The Event Planner Expo in New York and The Meetings Show in London. There are also tons of very specific conferences, if you want to home in on, say, the Asia-Pacific region or experiential marketing. These events can not only connect you to worthwhile industry peers, but also be a sourcing tool for hotels, suppliers and other players you’ll need to build your next event. 

Now get out there, mighty planners, and network! After all, it’s truly the stuff of event planning.

Check back in two weeks for more helpful tips. You can find me on, and on Facebook and Twitter. Until then, happy planning! 

Always your guide, 

Clever Carly