Clever Carly’s MI Quiz: Do you know the latest food trends?

Do you know the latest food trends? Take our quiz to find out.

Hi there, event planners. Clever Carly here.

Food is a vital part of our jobs (and hey, our lives!). On an elemental level, it periodically commands our attention, and for most of us, it’s one of the most basic joys of existence. But when it comes to events, it means all that and more. Far beyond sustenance, the culinary style of your grand production says a lot about the type of event it is and the POV of the company behind it. That’s why, while not every new food trend is necessarily good, we shouldn’t be in the dark about what’s on the tip of everyone’s tongue. So, how well do you know the latest buzzy dishes? Take my quiz to find out—and afterward, I’ll serve up your foodie IQ.