Clever Carly: Saying Goodbye to Meetings Imagined

On Dec. 16, Meetings Imagined will transition to Marriott Bonvoy Events

Hello, dear planners!

Where do I even start? 

Over the past few years, Meetings Imagined has been a resource for all things events. Whether it was the scoop on dining trends (robots!), the latest evolution of event tech (Wi-Fi 6!) or straight-up leadership advice (delegate!), Meetings Imagined has been the pulse of the meeting industry.  

But the time has come for a change.

On Dec. 16, Meetings Imagined will transition to Marriott Bonvoy Events, a new platform for meeting planners. There you’ll find the latest planning tips and trends, as well as inspirational stories from fellow planners and exclusive insight on new destinations around the world. 

Although we’re saying goodbye to Meetings Imagined, it’s an exciting time in the meetings industry. I hope you will continue to lean on resources like Marriott Bonvoy Events to stay at the forefront of the events evolution, both its future successes and challenges. 

As for me, I am swapping out my planning to-do list for a reporter’s notebook. One of the great joys about Meetings Imagined has been its global reach. Over the years, we’ve talked about a variety of destinations: Amsterdam, Costa Rica, Scottsdale, India and more. Now, I’m sharpening my pencils with plans to visit them all, learn about each culture and bring back insights as to how us planners can create better events.

Of course, once a planner, always a planner. Although I will be taking a step back from the behind-the-scenes operations, I will continue to attend and enjoy events on my travels—maybe even some of yours. And if you see me amongst the crowd, please do say hello.

Until next time. 

Plan well,
Clever Carly