Conquer Meetings With the 1-3-5 To-Do List

Love to-do lists? Give that list a makeover, and get more from meetings and attendees.

At board retreats, quarterly executive meetings and financial planning meetings, to-do lists and agendas are critical, because they help attendees focus on the meeting’s goals and tasks.

So when we found Alex Cavoulacos’ (co-founder and chief operating officer of the Muse) twist on the traditional to-do list, we couldn’t wait to share it with our readers and apply her model to meetings.

Here’s how it works:

Before the meeting begins, establish the meeting to-do list. Here’s where the 1-3-5 model comes into play: Assume that the meeting and the attendees will accomplish one big task, three medium tasks and five little tasks.

If you think unexpected tasks may come up during the meeting discussion, leave a couple of open spots on the 1-3-5 list to accommodate those last-minute needs.

This method ensures that essential tasks are identified and prioritized. If time runs short, it will be easier to put off less-pressing tasks to a future meeting or an off-line conversation.

The Daily Muse has made the 1-3-5 list downloadable, so you can try using it at your next meeting. Let us know how it works by tweeting us @MtgsImagined and finding us on Facebook