Creative Name Tag Inspiration

Ditch boring sticker name tags for these inspired ideas

You want your attendees to mingle and get to know each other, but event introductions can be awkward. One of the simplest ways to break through the “Oh hi, what’s your name?” barrier is by using name tags and place cards. That said, simple stickers with names penned in Sharpie markers are boring. 

Here are a few inspired ideas for how to use name tags to spark a conversation:

Use Name Tags as Décor

You devote plenty of care to making your event design shine, so apply the same consideration to the name tags. Elevate badges by using colors or themes central to your meeting décor or sharing them with guests in unique table displays.

Make Them Edible 

For meetings that require assigned sit-down seating, personalize treats with guests’ names. The extra effort will impress guests, and food, of course, always brings people together. 

Sync Them to Social or Other Technology 

Once attendees make introductions and start chatting, make it easier for them to connect online with scannable badges. Outfit paper name tags with QR codes or bar codes. You can also use other event tech-enhanced badges or wearable devices, such as the Smart Tag.


Let guests get crafty by designing their own name tags. Set up a craft station with markers, playful stickers, beads and decorations, and have attendees make it their first stop when they walk through the door. That way, the activity will immediately get them engaged with the meeting and other attendees.

Make It a Learning Game 

Instead of only including attendees’ names on badges, have them include other information about themselves, such as where they’re from, their role or other fun facts.