Décor Trends You’ll Want to Try from 2014’s Interior Design Show

The 2014 Interior Design Show in Toronto put décor trends on display, and many will translate well to event design.

Don’t let the name fool you, the 2014 Interior Design Show offers plenty of pointers for event planners to tuck away in their bag of meeting tricks.

With a wealth of trends and styles on display, the IDS in Toronto provided creative design tips and inspiration for people in all industries—including those in meeting and event planning. Here are some practical design elements you can incorporate into your next event.

Add Pops of Green and Gold

Yanic Simard, principal designer at the Toronto Interior Design Group, notes the eye-catching combination of green and gold in his blog post on Huffington Post Style.

Studies have shown that green sparks creativity and imagination, which proves that this design trend could pay off at your meeting. And gold is a hue away from yellow, which is known for improving focus and concentration.

TIP 1: Use green and gold in your décor. Bring green elements to your centerpieces with plants and flowers—such as chrysanthemum shamrock, green aster and green milkweed. Add touches of gold with vases and ribbon.

Seek Sophistication with Pale Shades

Soft pink was also prominently on display at IDS this year. It’s a great shade for adding a touch class because, as Simard points out, it can easily blend into various color schemes without becoming overbearing. Pairing pale pink with light gray hues delivers a sophisticated, timeless look.

TIP 2: Make your linens and table settings chic and timeless by bringing in pale hues.

Blend in Nature Elements

Wood and stone continue to be popular, classic and natural-looking design touches. Bringing these rustic elements to your meeting décor provides a comfy, at-home feeling.

TIP 3: If custom flooring is in your budget, wood floors are a great design option—and the color opportunities are limitless.