Destination: Costa Rica

From its beauty to its food, Costa Rican culture has a place in your event

In Costa Rica, there’s an expression that many residents live by: pura vida. The phrase, which means “pure life,” is used to say “hello,” “goodbye,” “everything’s cool” and “same to you.” It’s a philosophy that has transcended every aspect of the country, and ultimately has inspired Costa Rica to become one of the happiest countries in the world

Although a tropical getaway might not be within your event’s budget, planning an event inspired by the tropics is a decent trade-off. With a little help from Costa Rica Marriott Hotel San Jose, here’s some inspiration for how to do it.

Tropical Accents

A visit to Costa Rica isn’t complete without taking advantage of the country’s natural beauty. Rainforests, volcanoes and picture-perfect beaches offer visitors moments of both relaxation and adventure.

Maybe your meeting can’t accommodate a jungle hike or a surf break, but adding tropical flair to the event can create the paradisiacal atmosphere that Costa Rica is known for. Use bright, vibrant flowers and foliage across your décor to capture the essence of the country’s topography. Or, for a Celebrate or another outdoors event, set up a mist machine to mimic the country’s misty mountainside. 

Costa Rican Flavor

Outside of its natural grandeur, Costa Rica is known for its traditional comfort foods and flavors. Much of the country’s cuisine is influenced by the fresh fruits and vegetables that grow there, such as pejibayes (peach palm fruit), a savory fruit that’s typically boiled and topped with a dollop of mayonnaise. Rice and beans also find their way into many traditional dishes. 

To bring a Costa Rican flavor to your events, serve bites of Costa Rican delights such as pejibayes or chifrijo, a traditional dish made with rice, beans, meat and fresh pico de gallo or chimichurri. 

Dance It Out

Costa Rica has a rich history of dance. Although residents still enjoy traditional routines such as the merengue, salsa and cumbia, the country’s capital of San Jose also hosts storied dance clubs and nightlife. 

To incorporate the Costa Rican love of dance in your event, consider elements that will encourage guests to get fancy with their footwork, such as an LED dance floor. 

Although there are many ways to bring Costa Rican culture to your event without stepping foot in the country, should you find yourself on its soil, consider booking time at the Costa Rica Marriott Hotel San Jose, JW Marriott Guanacaste Resort & Spa and Los Suenos Marriott Ocean & Golf Resort. Each property hosts a variety of meeting spaces fit for any event that all capture pura vida.