Don't Forget These Small Day-of Details

On event day, remember these little details that people tend to forget.

Planning a meeting can be full of surprises, and not always in a good way. Even when you think you’ve crossed every “t” and dotted every “i,” the smallest unforeseen problem can throw you off. But instead of anticipating the worst, be prepared to handle with ease any problem that may arise. Remember these small day-of details and your event will be nearly perfect.

Accommodations for Unexpected Guests

Your guest list might be finalized, but you never know who might decide to attend at the last minute. Keep blank name badges at the registration table for latecomers. Also, account for extra guests when ordering meals, keeping in mind options for vegetarians, vegans and other people with dietary restrictions.

Transportation and Accommodation Info

Sure, your attendees could easily check Google Maps or an online hotel reservation service for information about transportation, accommodations and sights to see outside the event space. But providing that information shows your professionalism, and attendees are more likely to trust a recommendation from the meeting’s organizers. Put all this information in the event website's FAQ section or within the event app.

Emergency Contacts

It’s better to be safe than sorry. So before the event, consider every emergency contact you might need onsite. Knowing how to quickly reach the venue’s plumber, IT person and security guard can help minimize potential fiascos. Keep print copies of that contact information on hand for yourself and the staff, and send an electronic version out to applicable parties in advance.

Hashtag Promotion

Using a hashtag is a free and simple way to promote your event, but this easy advertising is often underused. Make sure your meeting’s official hashtag is visible on all promotional materials and mentioned throughout the event. Remind attendees to use the hashtag and join in on the social media conversation.

Venue Directions

A venue might have dozens of meeting rooms with names that mean nothing to guests — or that mislead them. Are C-12 and C-11 next to each other or on different floors? What is the Forest Room, and where is it in relation to the Lake Room? Take away the guesswork by posting large, clear directions on the walls and doors throughout the venue. Also provide attendees with printed and electronic maps.

Volunteer or Employee Break Room

The hardworking people who help you make the event happen need a place to unwind and stash their stuff when they’re not on the floor. Designate a room just for volunteers or employees to get away to when they have the chance. You will earn their eternal gratitude if you also stock this room with light refreshments.

Odds and Ends

Make sure you have enough pens, notepads, batteries and the like for yourself, and also have a few on hand for any staff or attendees scrambling to find a writing utensil. Don’t forget a stack of your business cards so others can brag about your meeting’s flawless execution.

Outlet Locations

Searching for electrical outlets at an event can be a misery-filled treasure hunt. Scope out outlet locations before the meeting so you can let attendees know where to find them. If the venue is short on outlets, plug in surge protectors so more people can power up at once. (Of course, if you have a portable charger, be sure to use it and free up an outlet for someone else.)