Drink Up

5 beverage trends for 2017

We love talking about food trends here at Meetings Imagined, just as much as we bet you love putting together your meeting or event menus. Where there is food, there is something fabulous to wash it all down—from the morning cup of joe to an evening libation. Believe it or not, drinks see just as many trends as their edible counterparts, and there continues to be a bevy of imaginative ways to whet the whistles of your attendees. Here’s what to watch for in 2017. Cheers! 

A Different Kind of Bubbly

Carbonated water has a solid grasp on consumers, taking the place of sugary sodas while still satiating the desire for flavorful, bubbly sips. Naturally, these beverages are finding their way into cocktail hour, too. Take a look at some of our favorite ways to incorporate them, here

Wine in a Can

Not your average class of wine, but there’s a growing trend toward supermarkets selling aluminum cans filled with—not soda!—but wine. Easy to chill and even easier to serve, this is a good solution for those events you’re holding outdoors, or any casual soiree where grab-and-go is key. 

Everyone’s Cup of Tea

As sales of matcha green tea skyrocket, expect to bring more tea-based beverages into your event and meeting menus. From your traditional afternoon cup to cold brew, mixed cocktails and even frozen drinks, tea was big in 2016, and will only go up from here. 

Taste for Travel

Bartenders will help attendees travel the world by just taking a sip of trending cocktails—particularly of the tropical variety. With Cuban culture becoming more accessible to Americans, libations such as the mojito, Cuba libre and Cuban ginger will pair nicely with the classic Cuban dishes served at dinner. 

Plant Water

You’re familiar with coconut water, and perhaps many of its benefits, but the phenomenon for liquids derived from plants isn’t stopping there. Look to serve maple water and cactus water—solo or as part of a cocktail recipe—and prepare for other plant waters to make their entrance on the scene, too.