Engage the Senses to Add Fun to the Meeting Experience

Meetings don’t have to be boring and stuffy to be productive. Here are six ways to add fun to your business gathering.

Do you have a long and mentally taxing day of meetings planned for business attendees? Sometimes those serious, business-first meetings are necessary. But try engaging the senses to add some fun to the agenda and keep attendees’ spirits and energy high.

A recent Inc.com article outlined six activities that employees can do at work to have more fun—and we don't see why they can’t be adapted to the meeting space.

6 Ways to Add Fun to Meetings

Use SIGHT to add fun: Incorporate GIFs into your presentation, or as an icebreaker, have attendees (especially the millennials) share their favorite GIFs with one another. Queue the laughter and good mood vibes!


Use TOUCH to add fun: Teach attendees a few acupuncture techniques they can perform on themselves during the meeting that won't cause a scene. For example, they can apply pressure to the Spirit Gate, located on the little finger side of the forearm at the wrist crease, to relieve nervousness and anxiety.


Use SOUND to add fun: Get the tunes going! Depending on the atmosphere you’re trying to create and the goals you’re trying to achieve, consider different music at different volumes. Music has been shown to relieve stress and boost creative performance.


Use SCENT to add fun: Certain smells can relieve stress and trigger happiness. The smell of certain foods—like popcorn, cotton candy and other sweets—can remind people of fun, carefree experiences. Other scents—like rosemary, peppermint and lavender—also can improve attendees’ moods.


Use TASTE to add fun: Bring fun foods into the meeting experience! Having unique offerings—and interactive culinary stations—will allow guests to relax and enjoy something, even if just for a minute during a stressful day of meetings.


Use MOVEMENT to add fun: We’re always talking about why movement matters for attendees’ productivity. Use that movement to infuse some fun into the gathering. Encourage small groups to go on “brainstorming walks,” and incorporate activities—like mini golfing or Wii games—into meeting breaks.