Event Inspiration from the Royal Wedding

Plan an event fit for royalty with these ideas inspired by the royal wedding

With May 19 looming closer, the world is buzzing with excitement for the latest addition to England’s royal family. After dating publicly for nearly two years, Prince Henry “Harry” Charles Albert David of Wales and humanitarian and former actress Meghan Markle officially announced their wedding plans on Nov. 27, 2017, to the delight of dedicated fans everywhere. As the couple prepares to wed at the gorgeous St. George’s Chapel at the height of spring, event designers across the world are taking their cues from the globe-stopping event. 

Markle’s hands-on involvement in the design and event preparation will likely produce a royal wedding unlike those of her predecessors. Add a royal flair to your next event with a few design tips inspired by the nuptials:

Opt for Opulence

Plan an event fit for a prince by indulging in the luxury of Buckingham Palace. When planning your budget, look for spots where you can accommodate royal accents like textured glass, ornamental details and intricate lace reminiscent of a royal bride. 

Stick with tradition by following a modest color scheme. Cream and clean white are easy shades to work with, allowing for bold, eye-catching accent colors. Use gold accents or a deep shade of red to mimic Buckingham Palace’s interior décor, or select rich greens to recall the beauty of the queen’s gardens.

And don’t be afraid to experiment with exorbitance! A crystal chandelier, marble flooring and stained glass (or a glass effect) all point to the decadence of St. George’s Chapel. Try incorporating one or more of these elements to add to the regal experience. Hotel ballrooms make for an appropriate venue, thanks to their sense of grandeur.

Honor Tradition …

It’s not uncommon for royal brides to find inspiration from their predecessors, and Markle is no exception. Much like Kate and Diana before her, it’s likely that Markle will incorporate classic elements—like a lace wedding gown and the royal getaway carriage—at the instruction of the queen herself. Some rules just aren’t meant to be broken!

You too can adhere to tradition by going vintage, or at least by working with décor touches that recall “something old.” Dinnerware and decorative accents like candelabras are reasonably easy-to-source vintage finds. Can’t pin down a treasured heirloom? Order replicas of classic drinkware sets, embroidered or printed cloth napkins, and table cards.

… but Break the Mold

Though Markle is careful to respect the palace’s traditions, she isn’t afraid to add a contemporary spin to her wedding plans. Reports indicate that while she and Prince Harry will feature the traditional wedding fruitcake at their reception, they’ve expanded to a palette of surprising flavors for their additional celebratory cakes, including lemon elderberry, banana and chocolate chip. 

Introduce your guests to new flavors and taste profiles by bridging cultural tastes. Fill your menu with traditional British treats and local flavors to echo the royal wedding, or simply take a cue from the idea of marriage and try pairing flavors based on the theme of your meeting. 

Really, though, the point of breaking the mold is to make your meeting truly one of a kind, which you can accomplish by incorporating your client’s brand guidelines into décor and swag. Use the client’s logo or official colors in custom dinnerware and drinkware, printed place mats and stylized invitations.