Events with the Magic Touch

Five ways to get mystical at your next meeting

In need of event entertainment? Merlin and his magician friends might be cliché—but there is something to be said about the excitement a touch of magic can drum up among attendees. 

Whether you subscribe to the supernatural or not, make your meeting mystical with these divine entertainers.


No crystal ball needed here: Psychics use extrasensory perception—also known as ESP or the sixth sense—to learn about people and tell their future, though the method behind the prophecy depends on the psychic. Some gain clairvoyance through intuition, while others pick up on information from reading a person’s energy or through tools, such as tarot cards. Which brings us to the next transcendental entertainer …

Tarot Card Readers

Tarot reading, a practice that goes back to 14th century Europe, is based on the interpretation of tarot cards. Unlike a deck of playing cards, the number of cards in a tarot deck varies—78 is common—and they follow the minor and major arcana. 

Minor arcana are divided into four suits—cups, wands, swords and pentacles (sometimes called coins)—which represent a specific approach to life. For instance, wands are typically associated with work, whereas cups often represent relationships. 

The major arcana don’t follow suits. Instead, these pictured cards represent various principles, ideals or concepts, such as “The Lovers,” “The Sun,” and “Death.” 

Although some psychics use tarot, tarot readers aren’t necessarily psychics. The cards aren’t meant to tell a person’s fortune, instead revealing more about a person and his or her life. The information they divulge, too, is often based on the spread: Different spreads, or configurations of the cards, can provide different meanings, which is up to the tarot reader to interpret. 

Palm Readers

Another type of reading, palmistry interprets the lines and other features of a person’s hand, particularly on the palm and fingers, to learn more about the person’s character or predict his or her future. In particular, palm readers look at the length, faintness and fracturing of the three main lines on the palm, known as the head line, heart line and life line. 

Which hand matters, too: The dominant hand can offer intel into work life and how a person presents themselves to the world, while the nondominant hand can give insight into personal relationships, emotional struggles and dreams. 


Fancy a chat with a loved one on the other side? Mediums can communicate with those who have passed on. Unlike psychics, tarot readers and other divinatory roles, mediumship doesn’t involve predictions or analysis of one’s personal life. Instead, mediums act as an intermediary between the spirits and the living, sharing messages from beyond. 


For meetings that need to magically entertain a large group, invite a stage hypnotist to entrance attendees. Although less mystical than other otherworldly entertainment, a stage hypnotist can, as the name implies, hypnotize a few lucky attendees, bringing them into a trance and making them perform silly acts. One part wonder, one part comedic relief, the performance is sure to bewitch guests, hypnotized or not. Take that, abracadabra! 

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