Fabulous Fruit

’Tis the season for super-fresh, farm-stand delights.

No matter your meeting’s purpose, it’s important to ensure that attendees have healthy, wholesome meal and snack options. Enter fresh fruit. Whether sweet, sour, exotic or juicy, fruit is an eye-catching representation of seasonal produce — and it’s healthful to boot.

We’ve scoured our Inspiration Gallery for these excellent ideas on how to incorporate fresh fruit into your event’s meal and snack menus — morning, noon and night.


Fruit can be the star of any breakfast — served as the main dish, used to top yogurt or oatmeal, blended into a smoothie or juiced for a tasty beverage. Here are some of our favorite ideas.


When lunchtime comes around, fruit often shows up as a salad garnish, a side dish or an appetizer (though some attendees may opt for a liquid lunch, in the form of a smoothie or pressed juice). Make your selections look as enticing as these and guests will have no problem filling up on the healthy stuff.



Fruit can be incorporated into all aspects of the dinner experience, from the passed appetizers and cheese plates to the soup and salad to the main dish. Look for unconventional ways to add a fruity touch to your meal, such as these.



No doubt about it — fruit and dessert were meant for each other. Cooked or served raw or used as a garnish on cakes or pies, these colorful desserts prove that fruit can look irresistible.



Fruit is the perfect addition to a cocktail (alcoholic or not) or to flavor-infused water or tea. Who could refuse?




Looking for a healthy snack? Make your fruit servings accessible so that guests can grab and go. Or consider a display of nutritious dried fruit for attendees to nosh on.