Game On!

Add fun to your in-meeting entertainment.

Whether a meeting’s purpose is to Network, Produce, Ideate or Promote, there’s always room for some fun and games — literally! From chessboards to Lego blocks to Jenga, we scoured our Inspiration Gallery for planning ideas that will help help you score big with your attendees.

Block Party  


Let your guests’ imaginations run wild with a go at the Lego station. Start a building contest to promote networking, or add challenges to inspire creative thinking — or just let ’em have their fun!

Strike That


While not every venue has an actual bowling alley in it, incorporating a unique game space like this one into your meeting location can promote both networking and team building.

Check, Please!


Nothing promotes fierce concentration like chess. But when the chess game is life-sized and just so happens to have a scenic view — score!

Stack Up

This classic game is as suitable for a meeting as it is for a night spent around the table with family. All that stacking and crashing of blocks will promote concentration, friendly competition and fun.

Tee Time


A game of miniature golf — played indoors or out — gives attendees the opportunity to stretch their legs, their minds and their creativity. Fore!

Well Played


Popular game consoles, such as Nintendo Wii and PlayStation, are excellent options for a little team-building fun.

The Big Top

Go big with a full-on game theme for your event. This one, a carnival-style setup, features fun test-your-skill games and bestows prizes that guests can take home. It’ll be a meeting to remember.