Get Crafty

Try team building artistically with these four crafts

We all know creativity is good for the brain. Coloring, for example, has been shown to reduce stress and improve mood. But during long, lecture-type meetings, guests might run into a creativity block.

The solution? Let attendees restore their imaginations—and engage with each other—through crafts. Whether it’s during a breakout session or as an added element to your event, crafting can help guests unwind and reduce stress.

Now, certain simple crafts, such as making candles and flower crowns, are tired and overdone. (And who would wear a flower crown in a meeting anyway?) Meanwhile, other artistic activities require more skill and time than some attendees can give. Here are four fresh, accessible craft ideas that will help inspire creativity:

Painted Planters

Terracotta pots can be used as a home for flora of all shapes and sizes—herbs, succulents, indoor and outdoor plants. The downside? They’re plain and don’t offer much in terms of décor. Set up a painting station and let guests design pots to their liking. Keep in mind that these will need time to dry, so encourage guests to paint early so the pots will be ready by the end of the meeting. As a bonus, give guests plants to garden in their newly painted pot.

What you’ll need: Terracotta pots, paint, paintbrushes, plants (optional)

Patched Tote Bags

In an effort to go green, many meetings are offering totes as a part of attendee goody bags. Letting guests customize their totes is a great way to take part in the ongoing trend of personalization. Instead of handing out branded bags, let guests embellish canvas tote bags with iron-on patches to match their individual style. Get a variety of patches—different sizes, colors, shapes and objects—that attendees can pick from, and then iron them on. It’s a simple, hands-on craft for attendees, with no heavy cleanup required.

What you’ll need: Canvas tote bags, iron-on patches, iron

Dried Flower Coasters

Flower crowns might be out, but floral art is in. One way to do it: coasters. Have guests arrange dried flowers on a glass tile, glue them down and place another glass tile on top. Seal it with decorative tape, and ta-da! No drink rings will be left on any surface in their homes—or in your meeting.

What you’ll need: Dried flowers, glass tiles, copper tape, glue

Decorative Desserts

The way to everyone’s heart: baked goods. For a sweet treat break, invite attendees to decorate cupcakes, cookies or other sweets with icing, sprinkles, gummy bears and other toppings in a craft that is as artful as it is tasty.

What you’ll need: Baked goods, icing, sprinkles, other edible decorations