Get Innovative with Guest Invitations

Getting guests to an event can be half the battle. Explore new ways to send out invitations.

You’ve got a killer meeting concept, a great space, and delicious cocktail and dining menus—now how do you get people to show up?

Although traditional paper invites may be the way to go for some events, they are far from your only option. Explore four ways to invite people to a meeting, and decide which is best for your next event.


Keep It Traditional with Paper Invites

The most common type of invitation remains the traditional (and tangible) paper invite. For some, receiving something in the mail is more formal, and the invite provides attendees with a concrete event reminder. But creating and mailing paper invitations can get pricey depending on the size of your list. Plus, it’s more time-consuming than using technology—where the invitation can be sent and received on the same day.


Tackle Invitations with Technology

Electronic invitations (or e-vites) may be too impersonal and casual for some events. But for others, they are budget and environment friendly as well as less time-consuming than creating and mailing paper invites. Some potential attendees may even prefer e-vites because often the event can be added directly into their computer, tablet and smartphone calendars.


Shout It Out with Social Media

Meet the attendees where they are. A recent Pew Research Center study found that 73 percent of adults who use the Internet use social networking sites. So why not reach out to your potential guests through Facebook events, posts on LinkedIn and Foursquare events? Inviting people through social media sites can be a seamless way to integrate social sharing into your event strategy and generate buzz for the event.


Depend on the Web to Promote Your Meeting

After potential attendees get wind of a meeting they’d like to attend, they likely will want more details. Sites such as Splash and Eventbrite make creating an event website easy. These sites also can help you manage ticket sales, event promotion and attendee lists.