Give Attendees a Sense of Accomplishment with a Festive Finish

End on a high note! Try out these ways to reward attendees for their hard work and dedication after a Decide meeting.

The purpose of a Decide meeting—be it a board meeting, a committee meeting or a proposal-approval meeting—is to have attendees engage in a meaningful conversation that leads to a decision. Whether the gathering takes a couple of hours or an entire day, the decision-making process could be stressful and mentally taxing. Once attendees have come to agreement, keep morale high by celebrating their hard day’s work.

A celebratory finish provides a sense of accomplishment, gives participants a chance to socialize and closes the meeting on a positive note.

Here are some ways to honor a successful Decide meeting and reward hardworking guests:

Simple Toast: For attendees with tight schedules, plan to wrap up the meeting with a short and sweet champagne—or sparkling cider—toast. This allows the group to acknowledge their completion of a difficult task and be on their way.

Reception: If people have more time to spare, consider a short reception or dinner (this may be more appropriate for celebrating a large-scale decision). Colleagues can mingle, relax, and enjoy food and drink together.

Off-Site Activity: Combine fun with a bit of team building by organizing an event such as a golf outing or a boat cruise on a nearby river or lake. This experience will give attendees a chance to unwind while networking and strengthening relationships with colleagues and business partners.

Featured Performance: Take executives’ attention away from the boardroom and direct it to the stage! Invite a comedian, live musicians, a local dinner-theater group or a dance troupe to perform on-site. Attendees can loosen up and take their mind off business matters.