Give Event Volunteers the Tools They Need to Succeed

If you are relying on event volunteers, train them to effectively support the meeting’s purpose.

Planning and executing conferences, large fundraisers, and events with expos or exhibit halls require a great deal of workers, and often those include volunteers. Whether they are students or members of the organization, from a local nonprofit group or from the community, volunteers who add value to the event must be adequately trained and supported.

4 Effective Ways to Support Meeting Volunteers

1. Provide a brief but informative overview of the association or company hosting the event. Make sure all volunteers are familiar with the organization’s history, mission, goals and current programs or products.

2. Explain the event in detail, including providing pertinent information about meeting spaces, attendees and the occasion’s general format. Volunteers will also need to know the exact task they will be performing, which may require further training.

3. Give volunteers basic but essential information, including the location, check-in site and times, event times, the dress code and your (or your staff’s) contact information. Don’t assume they already know these things.

4. Conduct a walk-through of the venue. Taking volunteers on a tour of the meeting space is especially important for large conferences, where activities may be happening concurrently in a variety of ballrooms, small meeting rooms and dining spaces. The walk-through will help volunteers be comfortable giving attendees directions to meetings and other gatherings.