Give Guests the Gift of Relaxation

Swag that encourages stress relief.

Keeping guests relaxed in a corporate setting is an ideal way to ensure productivity (and a memorable meeting at that). But in between the yoga sessions and meditation, there are small things that you can offer to attendees while they’re busy at the conference table, or winding down after a long day on the trade show floor. Here are some of the best stress-relievers that will keep your guests happily stress-free, no matter what your meeting purpose is.

Adult Coloring Books

The wildly popular phenomenon of adult coloring books resonates with those seeking to spark creativity or enter a more meditative state. Engaging and tactile in a screen-laden world, the act of coloring can serve multiple purposes for creative meetings, from encouraging concentration to clearing the mind and relieving stress. Consider group activities using the popular books from illustrator Johanna Basford, downloadable coloring pages or the meditative drawing exercise Zentangle to get attendees' artistic juices flowing; finished works can be displayed on a wall or posted with the event's hashtag to social media channels. Don't forget to supply the right tools – a broad spectrum of colors and adequate lighting will get guests in the mood to create.

Stress Balls

The old reliable stress ball has been around for a long time – and that’s because it works. Popular swag at trade shows and large company meetings, these don’t actually have to take the spherical shape their name suggests. Look for opportunities for branding or creating a memorable souvenir of your event.

Spa Services

What better way to relax than with a spa service (think massages, pedicures or reflexology) for your group meeting? Planners don’t need to spring for the whole package to offer some relaxation – therapists are typically available to offer 10-15 minute chair massages, for a mind-clearing (and muscle-healing) break.

Group Games

From custom icebreaker activities to a classic round of Go Fish, providing games for your attendees helps them to connect with one another in a fun and easy way. Consider breaking up a day-long meeting by offering a table of different options.

Foot Soak

Give those trade show attendees a welcome treat for their tired feet. A good foot soak is the next best thing to a full-on foot massage, and the portable packaging is a great opportunity for branding.