Go Gingham: 4 Ways to Incorporate the Trend Du Jour into Your Event

Not just for farmers only

What was once a pattern reserved for the farmer’s daughter or a lasso-yielding cowboy, gingham is quickly becoming the spring and summertime trend of choice for fashion bloggers, celebrities and high-end designers. 

Aside from the fact that the trend oozes sunshine and playfulness, it’s a fresh alternative to polka dots and stripes, presenting the perfect preppy vibe. And while asking your attendees to show up decked out in full gingham attire is probably out of the question, there are ways to incorporate the summer-friendly into your meeting décor––both as centerpieces and takeaway gifts.

In celebration of National Picnic Month in July, here are fun four meeting ideas sure to make you go gaga for gingham.   

1. Picnic Time

Give attendees the chance to refresh and recharge outside by setting up an old-school, gingham-infused picnic, complete with wildflowers (and gorgeous scenery, of course). 

2. Dessert Station

One of the best aspects to gingham is that it’s inherently rustic and vintage, making it a cute juxtaposition for brightly colored sweet treat displays. From pink parfaits to tiny strawberry cakes, the options are endless. 

3. Sweet Takeaways 

Speaking of desserts… if you didn’t dip your hand into a mason jar-full of homemade chocolate chip cookies was it really summertime? Offer attendees a more homemade, rustic type of takeaway by divvying out freshly baked batches of Snickerdoodles and peanut butter crisps in containers sealed with gingham ribbons. 

4. Drink Garnishes

Perfect for holding hipster-approved adult beverages, these homemade drink garnishes are the perfect way to celebrate the peak of summer sun. We recommend the Wandering Whistler or Pollen Patch, both of which are fermented, all-natural and deliciously tangy.