Go Mad for Metallics to Create a Look That’s Bright and Inviting

Metallics offer a fun way to make your next event really shine.

If you’re looking for an easy way to glam up that next event, put the pedal to the metal and go for high shine! Whether you want to make a grand entrance or finesse the details, here are three great sources of metallic inspiration.

Metals, especially mixed, are an on-point trend. "Platinum, gold, copper, steel—as long as they've got metallic sheen, they go together in our book," As House Beautiful noted. "It's bling like you've never seen before."

You can bring this bright look to your event. Here's how:

Mirror Image

Metallic Bar

Achieve a glossy look by using mirrored, metallic tiling and silver and gold decorative elements. Pair the reflective features with plenty of lighting for a look that really shines.

Soft Shine

Soft Shine

For a sophisticated look, weave metallic details into a neutral setting, like this softly glowing, intricately adorned entrance. Flecks of gold or rose gold will add to the candlelit scene in a way that’s subtle yet unforgettable.

Go for Gold

Go for Gold

When in doubt, always go for gold! Textured place settings will instantly brighten any banquet table, providing a rich elegance. And don’t be afraid to use gold as a neutral—it goes well with almost any theme or color scheme.