Good Eats 2017

The food trends to cater to in the coming year

Ready to ring in 2017? Perhaps not quite yet. How could you possibly think about the start of a new year when you’re busy nailing down the last-minute details of your big holiday event? Don’t worry, we’ve got this: For 2017, some exciting developments in the food world will bring your menus to the next level. As you look ahead to next year’s event, keep these seven in mind. You can thank us later. 

Local Love

Going local for your event’s menu is more important than ever, and it just so happens to be a bonus that seasonal and locally sourced eats boast the best flavors. What better way to celebrate your New York- or California-based meeting than by serving the region’s best cuisine? 

Make a Toast

We’re not talking about bubbly here (but there’s always an occasion for that, too). Toast—toasted bread, that is—is a huge foodie trend, and it’s perfect for any event. For smaller bites, serve up platters of crostini topped with everything from the (new) classic avocado to olives and garlic, smoked salmon and spinach, and gorgonzola with honey. 

Partner Up

Course-by-course wine pairing is a mainstay in fine cuisine, and we don’t see any reason for that to change. Giving wine a run for its money, though, is beer. Not just for guzzling down with pretzels and greasy pub food anymore, breweries and fine dining establishments all over are offering sophisticated beer-and-food pairing menus—and they’re getting rave reviews. May we suggest dabbling in the fun at your next big meeting? 

World Eats

Guests won’t need their passports to feel as if they’ve traveled the world with a well-appointed, cultural menu. From the colorful spices of Indian cuisine to the beloved traditional Mexican fare, Hawaii’s exotic menu (hello, poke) to the rise of Filipino cuisine, there’s literally a whole new world of flavors to explore. 

Brinner Time

Breakfast for dinner? Yup—and if you think your event is too fancy, think again! Dress up the traditional pancakes and waffles with sophisticated ingredients, and explore new flavors to boot. 

Mini Me

Brace yourself: Everything is about to get a lot smaller. In a case of “Honey, I Shrunk the Dinner Menu,” favorite foods are getting a downgrade—but certainly not in flavor. And it’s not just for appetizer hour (like canapés), either: With everything from miniature shrimp cocktails to soup shots, mini beef Wellingtons to tiny macarons, the trick is to select an array of rich foods, so the size is small, but the outcome is appetite-satiating. 

That Vegetarian Life

Move over, meat, there’s a new star in town. Beef up your menu with healthy options like chickpeas, mushrooms and corn, and prepare to be amazed. Think you can’t fool ’em with a plant-based menu? Give it a try—you’ll be surprised what “plant butchery” can do.