Halloween Alternative: Celebrate Día de los Muertos

Fill your venue with Mexican-themed décor and treats

For event planners, Halloween-themed meetings are some of the most fun to plan. Of course, the kid-friendly model for a ghoul-filled party—black cats, cobwebs and orange pumpkins aplenty— hasn’t changed much over the years.  

Instead of blowing the dust off your supplies from last year, consider paying homage to another atmospheric fall holiday: Día de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, which is celebrated from Oct. 31 to Nov. 2 throughout Mexico and in a rising number of spots around the world. The holiday, which honors family members from the past and brings current ones together, is characterized by its signature skull decorations and colorful folk art. It is also an excellent way to showcase your most flavorful dishes and beverages and vibrant décor. Here, we offer inspiration for a Day of the Dead-themed event. 

Scary-Good Drinks 

Skulls have always held a special place in Day of the Dead festivities, with roots tracing back over 3,000 years ago when families would place small handmade sugar skulls at the gravesites of their loved ones in remembrance. They are decorated exquisitely, often with hand-painted flowers and swirls. While skulls of the sugar variety are still very much a tradition, today they’ve taken on new forms in decoration. Pair yours alongside rich and colorful cocktails—and in the Mexican tradition, don’t be afraid of a little spice! 

Make a Colorful Splash

Día de los Muertos is an opportunity to celebrate Mexico’s rich visual culture. Try pairing colorful seating and flower arrangements against a neutral background to transport attendees to the streets of Mexico City.  

Dine on Mexican Fare

Mexican food is so delicious because of the fresh ingredients and spices that are usually incorporated into each dish. In addition to the typical taco-and-burrito lunchtime spread, consider putting those ingredients on display for a straight-from-the-farm feel.    

Make-Your-Own Tequila

The only thing better than a delectable tequila is one you’ve crafted yourself. Give attendees the tools to create their own infused tequilas with DIY supplies and instructions. As always, encourage your attendees to drink their concoctions responsibly.