Hello, Cauliflower

The new ‘it’ vegetable

Move over, kale, there’s a new vegetable in town! Cauliflower is coming up big in the kitchen, and it’s not just being served steamed or raw with veggie dip. Once dismissed as lacking nutrients thanks to its pale color, the veggie is actually jam-packed with the healthy stuff. A cruciferous vegetable, cauliflower features sulfur-containing compounds that have been found to inhibit the development of certain cancers. Though the culinary world has been boasting about the use of cauliflower since 2015, it’s risen to its highest popularity yet—get ready to count the reasons (read: ways to use it) why.

Rice Is Nice

Making cauliflower rice is so easy—throw fresh florets into a food processor and let it go until small crumbles have formed. Sauté in butter or oil until softened, and serve it up with any number of options, from fried “rice” to fish to even more veggies. 

Mashed (Not) Potatoes

We promise you won’t even notice the absence of potatoes here—mashed cauliflower is that good. Blame (or thank) the South Beach Diet trend for this one, which introduced mashed cauliflower as a lower-carb option for potato lovers. Serve ’em up with garlic, butter, herbs, shredded cheese or any other topping you’d love for the original mashed potatoes.

No-Meat Steak

Serving the veggie-as-meat trend that’s been on the rise for the past year, cauliflower steaks are meaty (pun intended) enough to be a main dish. Broil, roast or grill them, and top with a succulent sauce for added richness. 

What Wings?

Who doesn’t love buffalo wings? Well, perhaps those who don’t like chicken. Let’s rephrase: Who doesn’t love buffalo sauce? The good news: Cauliflower is an excellent stand-in for chicken, and just so happens to work beautifully with buffalo sauce. Serve it in roasted chunks tossed in the sauce, blue cheese and celery sticks on the side.

Delicious Dip

For a tasty appetizer, serve a head of roasted cauliflower alongside a dip made of goat cheese, hummus or other savory flavors. Cauliflower itself also makes a fantastic base for a dip, pureed with yogurt and dressed with spices.