Help Event Speakers Be Successful

Speakers and panelists should help you achieve meeting goals. Pass along these tips to help them do that.

Outside speakers and panelists are essential to many meetings and conferences. Experts and industry leaders can spark creativity, motivate attendees to engage in educational seminars and encourage them to network with colleagues and the industry leaders themselves.

Featuring knowledgeable and respected speakers can help the group achieve meeting goals. Although some speakers are seasoned professionals, others are new and may require more guidance. Either way, providing them with key pieces of information will help make them stellar additions to the meeting agenda.

4 Tips to Share With Event Speakers

1. Know the audience. When you contact an expert or industry leader to speak at your event, let the person know who the audience will be. The presenter can then tailor his or her talking points and speech to the audience, enabling meeting participants to get more out of the experience.

2. Be prepared. Make sure speakers and panelists have the full conference schedule and all necessary contact information. If speakers are planning to use a PowerPoint presentation or to display photos or videos, encourage them to provide those digital files ahead of time to avoid any technological confusion or incompatibility.

3. Engage the audience. Encourage the speaker to ask the audience questions and allow an open group discussion. The best speakers and panelists do not rely only on PowerPoint presentations or other visuals; attendees become bored if they feel they are just being read to.

4. Listen to the audience. Savvy speakers ask the audience questions not only to engage them but also to better tailor their presentation to benefit them. Also, build in time for a question-and-answer portion so attendees can clarify any points made in the presentation or ask questions on related topics.