The Hottest AI Meeting Trend: Chatbots

Why chatbots are your event’s new best friend

As brick-and-mortar retail stores increasingly lose the battle to juggernaut online vendors, some brands are choosing to compete by taking that conversational customer experience to the digital world. 

Enter chatbots: artificial intelligence technology that automatically communicates with consumers via instant messaging. These contextualized conversations offer brands the opportunity to immediately meet consumer needs, be it by answering a simple question or providing product suggestions.

Now, events industry professionals are looking for ways to take advantage of this platform for their own digital engagement. With myriad ways to connect with attendees, chatbots can work as facilitator-in-chief for the logistical aspects of your event and improve guest engagement—all through the comfort of your meeting app. Let’s explore. 

4 Ways to Leverage Chatbots at Meetings

Answer Attendee Questions

The real power of chatbots lies in the technology’s ability to create thoughtful conversation. Whether guests are asking for directions, schedules, Wi-Fi access or other FAQs, chatbots can step in with an instant answer to keep attendees moving throughout the event. (And don’t worry—in the event a question puzzles the bot, the query can be routed to a human for the answer.) 

Keep Guests on Schedule

There’s nothing worse than walking into a session late. Use chatbots to provide attendees with an on-demand meeting agenda, including session synopses and speaker profiles, that will send push notifications prior to start time.

Communicate in Real Time

Room changes, speaker cancellations, agenda delays—all unforeseen snafus planners are familiar with, but ones that can pose problems for attendees if not communicated in time. Add chatbots to your communication plan to alert attendees of last-minute changes instantaneously, keeping your meeting on track and preventing any potential fallout.

Gather Attendee Feedback

Come the end of your event, guests might not have any more questions—but you should. Post-meeting attendee surveys are key to understanding what went well and which areas might need some improvement. Rather than sending out a mass email that could go unopened (or worse, filter straight to the spam folder), send a personalized message via chatbot asking for guests’ participation. Just remember to keep the surveys short and concise—a person can only handle talking to a robot so long.