The Hottest New AI Meeting Trend: Chatbots

Why chatbots are your event’s new best friend

As brick-and-mortar retail stores increasingly lose the battle to juggernaut online vendors, some brands are choosing to compete by taking that conversational customer experience to the digital world. Meet the chatbots—AI technology that automatically communicates with consumers in a contextual way via instant messaging, answering questions, suggesting products and the like. Now events industry professionals are taking notice and looking for ways to take advantage of this new platform for digital engagement.

Recognizing the increasing prevalence of text messaging over other forms of communication, the makers of Concierge EventBot went to work. As one might imagine, the platform works as facilitator-in-chief for all the logistical aspects of your event, such as directions, parking, Wi-Fi access, floor plans, schedules and FAQs, including real-time updates—for those unforeseen snafus we’re all familiar with—so your attendees are always in the know. But the real power lies in its thoughtful conversations, small talk, emojis and all, which can be further personalized based on the types of attendees you set up by integrating data from your other work systems, should you so choose. (And don’t worry—in the event a question puzzles the bot, the query can be routed to a human for the answer.)

The future of chatbots is just taking off, and as these bots mature, new hurdles mount. As more sophisticated bots “learn” from user responses to communicate in later conversations, for example, how well can brand voice be maintained? But given the rise of messaging platforms, the time and money saved on personnel, the frictionless accessibility and the rich analytics this technology can collect, it’s safe to say the bots are here to stay.