How to Boost Your Event’s Social Reach

Six strategies to leverage social media and interact with prospective attendees

You’ve heard it before: The key to any event marketing plan is social media. And with each platform’s multitude of users—Instagram alone has 1 billion—it’s easy to see why. The breadth of social media’s online communities means today’s attendees are no longer experiencing events solely in person—they’re interacting with the meeting digitally, too. 

But merely having a few social accounts doesn’t mean your event is set up to interact with attendees in a way that increases engagement.To reach audiences far beyond the constraints of your venue—not to mention create buzz for your meeting,connect attendees and get guest feedback—you need a thorough social strategy. Try these six ideas to get started on ways to boost your event’s social presence and reach new audiences today:

Create a hashtag. Hashtags make it easy for attendees to join online conversations related to your event—along with improving your team’s ability to monitor and track interactions in real time. Create a catchy, easy-to-remember hashtag unique to your event, then make sure to promote it both online and in person to get the conversation going. 

Amp up your social channels. Update your social profiles’ “About Me” sections to include an engaging, thorough description, including details of your event and its #hashtag. If your social handles differ from one platform to the next, be sure to link the other usernames, so attendees can tag and interact with them accordingly. And don’t forget to change your profile picture to a clear image with your meeting’s logo. (Your meeting does have a logo, right?)

Host a contest. Posts from your own social accounts can only take you so far. To branch out into new networks, you need your followers to post about your event, too. An easy way to get groups buzzing is through a social media contest. Consider giving away free tickets to the event, or offering extra-special meeting swag as a prize.

Partner with an influencer. Just like followers posting about your event, partnering with an influencer brings awareness of your meeting to a larger pool of potential attendees. Find an influencer who coincides with your meeting purpose, then plan a social media takeover, where he or she can talk up your event among new and interested audiences. 

Livestream your meeting. Facebook reports that live videos get six times more interaction than regular videos on the platform, so share snippets from your meeting in realtime to better engage remote attendees and also spark interest among prospective guests for your next event.

Lean on tech. If social savviness isn’t your strong suit, tap social software—such as Hootsuite, Sprout Social or Buffer—to schedule posts, analyze conversations and create engagement data reports for you.