How Colors Can Alter People’s Mind-Set

Colors have a subconscious effect on people. See how different decorative hues may affect the outcome of your meetings.

Color psychology is beneficial in creating an inviting or exciting space, and companies have taken advantage of certain color associations. Hospitals, for example, frequently use blues and greens because of the calming feeling they evoke, while restaurants tend to favor reds and oranges, which promote hunger.

The decor you choose for your meeting or event space can have a similar impact on attendees’ mood. Read on for the psychological effects of popular shades and which meeting purposes they’re most compatible with.




Red is one of the most vibrant colors on the spectrum, and thus it can produce a very powerful response. This intense hue can excite people and make them feel empowered. It also imbues warmth and comfort, making guests feel welcome.

Best meeting purposes: Promote, Ideate, Celebrate






People either love or hate this polarizing shade, so think about how you will use it in your meeting setup. Its association with citrus fruits can make attendees feel refreshed and energized. What’s more, its frequency in nature during fall conjures a warm, comforting, almost spiritual feeling.  

Best meeting purposes: Produce, Ideate, Educate






Similar to red, yellow is eye-catching. But keep in mind that this color can produce both cheerful and angry emotions. It can also strain people’s eyes because of the amount of light it reflects, so use it carefully.

Best meeting purposes: Celebrate, Promote, Network






Because green is naturally occurring in nature, it creates a relaxing, tranquil environment. It’s also commonly associated with luck and health. And experts have also linked to this hue to improved reading ability — great for meetings with ample handouts to review.

Best meeting purposes: Educate, Decide, Produce






This nautical shade can be automatically calming, creating an ideal environment for exchanging ideas. It’s also viewed as a symbol of stability and order, so those surrounded by this color may feel more secure in sharing their opinions and in meeting new people.

Best meeting purposes: Ideate, Produce, Network






This unique hue is rarely found in nature, which made it historically harder to achieve in dyes and too costly for many people, so the color is often associated with wealth. As a result of its rarity, it is associated with mystery, wisdom and imagination. 

Best Meeting Purposes: Celebrate, Educate, Ideate







This dark hue is extremely versatile. Although it is frequently linked to evil, it is associated with power, too, and can make people feel more confident. Its sleek appearance also lends an air of elegance and sophistication.

Best Meeting Purposes: Decide, Celebrate, Promote





Comprising all colors of the spectrum, white can have various meanings for different cultures. In Eastern cultures, it symbolizes death, while Western cultures it is associated with marriage. White calls to mind purity and cleanliness, which can imply a clean slate or a fresh start.

Best Meeting Purposes: Ideate, Produce, Celebrate