How to Create an Emotional Bond With Your Audience

Use these tips—or share them with speakers—to create a connection with attendees that will increase engagement and learning.

When professionals attend a conference session with a speaker or panel, the last thing they want is to be put to sleep. Make sure attendees are not only listening but engaging with the presenter and retaining the information provided. Spark an emotional connection to keep the audience hooked.

Tips for Creating an Emotional Connection With Audience Members

Make eye contact. Obviously, this strategy works best in small group settings. Making eye contact with all participants makes them feel valued, noticed and part of a larger experience.


Tailor the experience to your audience. Do some research on your attendees beforehand, and make sure your message is tailored to their interests and professions. If the content is applicable to their lives, guests will listen closely.


Incorporate storytelling. Draw audience members in and engage their emotions by telling a great topic-related story that teaches a lesson or emphasizes a point.


Be personable. Attendees will relate to and connect more with speakers and planners who appear “real,” so display (appropriate) humor, empathy and consideration.


Be available—before, during and after. Be approachable to attendees before and after your presentation. During the talk be open to questions, comments and spontaneous conversation.