How Entertainment Can Enhance Your Food Experience

Six tips to providing dinner and a show

Gone are the days when a quiet sit-down dinner is an appropriate mealtime activity for every event. With the rise of personalization and technology, attendees now want to be entertained while they eat. Called “foodtainment,” this mix of dining and entertainment places greater emphasis on how the whole event experience works together—which means planners need to deliver a stunning meeting menu and a show.   

Here are a few ways you can entertain guests during mealtime:

Include a Live Band …

Background music is a meeting must-have. Instead of playing tunes from a recorded track, hire a live band to serenade guests as they dine.

… Or Other Fiery Performances

Mealtime performances don’t have to be limited to music. Dancers, illusionists and acrobats, for example, can also captivate guests as they eat. That said, proceed with caution when booking comedians during scheduled mealtimes, as laughing while eating could cause guests to choke.

Offer a Light Show

For Network meetings, skip the performances and opt for a light show that will allow attendees to talk and connect during the spectacle.

Make Chefs the Stars of the Show 

The main component of the food experience is food, after all, so let chefs take center stage. Include an open kitchen setup where guests can watch the cooking process in real time as each course is served. 

Have an Artist Live-Draw the Event

Every meeting should be memorable, so hire a live artist to commemorate the event through live painting. Project the artist’s work onto a screen so attendees can watch the work’s progress while they eat.

Crowdsource Entertainment with a Media Wall

Ask attendees to share their experiences with a hashtag that will then feed into a media wall. The photos turn the spotlight on guests and allow everyone to share in the fun.