How Event Pros Can Provide Stellar Customer Service

Offer clients above-and-beyond customer service and they will keep coming back to you.

Event professionals wear many hats and possess skills in a variety of categories — design, technology and culinary, to name a few. Adding “customer service” to that list will pay off, no matter the meeting purpose. Excellent attention to customer service ensures that clients are satisfied and get the best outcome for their meeting.

Event professionals who exhibit these five qualities will guarantee quality customer service at every meeting:

  • Organized: When planning events and communicating with clients, organization is key. This involves keeping detailed records, having a list of contacts and vendors on hand at all times and tracking costs and budget accurately.


  • Detail-oriented: Paying close attention to details — whether with design, budget, food and beverage service, or technology — will make any client happy. Keeping even the tiniest detail in mind lets the customer know you have everything under control.


  • Energetic and engaging: It’s always easier — and more enjoyable — to work with people who are friendly and positive and have a passion for what they do. Embody those qualities when interacting with clients. It will make the process not only painless but also pleasant.


  • Solution-oriented: Customers put their full trust in a planner who is focused on ensuring the final product goes off without a hitch. If something goes wrong, work to find a solution as quickly as possible, no matter what.
  • Calm and resilient: Of course, no one is happy when a meeting doesn’t go exactly as planned, but remaining calm during any glitches will show the client you can handle any situation. Project confidence and resilience no matter what’s going on and you will put the client at ease.


Try displaying some of these customer service characteristics at your next meeting. Your client will take note of the extra effort — along with your already established planning expertise — and come back to you for future meeting and event needs.