How to Include Corporate Social Responsibility in Your Next Event

Learn how your next event can benefit from including corporate social responsibility

When businesses are ethically reputable, consumers feel more comfortable spending their hard-earned money with them. Sales increase as a result—meaning that corporate social responsibility (CSR) can directly influence a business’s bottom line. Global businesses are paying attention, too: 92 percent of the 250 largest companies in the world produced a CSR report in 2015, and Fortune Global 500 firms spend around $20 billion a year on CSR.

Since public perception is so important, highly visible corporate events can play a crucial role in promoting social responsibility, especially once a company has discovered the essence of a great event. Read on to find out how to bring CSR into your next event.

Plan a Day of Service

To show how much your company believes in a cause that resonates with your organization’s core values, try organizing a service day in conjunction with a charitable cause. 

By working with a partner charity, you can create a volunteer experience where your team is actively engaged in activities that are meaningful in the community. Your event will raise awareness while directly assisting those who spend most of their time helping members of society. 

Host a Team-Building Event

These are fantastic for building bonds between team members and forging a sense of unity, which ultimately boosts productivity. In lieu of treating your team to a night of bowling or board games, engage instead in a volunteer project that can leverage the unique skills of your team members.

By letting participants use the skills they have honed in the workplace to serve others, team members can feel a greater sense of purpose. This allows them to positively impact society while simultaneously bringing your team together. If volunteering takes place in the heart of the community, word of your corporate social responsibility will quickly spread.

Offer a Donation Instead of an Event Gift Bag

We’ve all been to conferences where we received a registration pack full of items that we never put to good use. Avoid this at your own event by effectively allocating your budget to do good in the world. Rather than offering free products, make a donation to charity on behalf of your delegates. Just a few dollars per delegate will make a lasting impression.

Include a Donation Within a Registration Fee

When delegates register for something at your conference, why not give them an opportunity to donate part of their registration fee to charity? This may seem like a small gesture, but it can speak volumes about your dedication to an important cause.

Always remember how benefits extend beyond a brand halo—and use this as motivation to incorporate CSR in your next event.