How to Increase User-Generated Content

Four ways to encourage attendees to share content at your meeting

Your meeting agenda is all planned out, but there’s one catch: Part of the session requires user-generated content (UGC)—images, testimonials or other input from attendees—and without it, the session won’t be effective. 

Worried you won’t have enough participation for a productive meeting? Try these four ways to inspire guests to share content:

1. Host a contest. 

Stir up some friendly competition with a contest. Award prizes to the attendees with the most creative or funniest submissions, or save all the rewards for one grand-prize winner. Either way, the chance to win will not only motivate guests to participate, but it’ll also encourage them to send in their best work—meaning you’ll have content of both quantity and quality. 

2. Offer rewards.

Like a contest, offering up incentives such as discounts or free swag can encourage attendees to share content with you and your team. But rather than have one winner, let every participant reap the rewards. For example, when guests share an image with your event hashtag, have them show it to the bartender for a free drink. 

3. Include a photo booth. 

If you’re asking attendees to submit photos from the event, why not give them a place to snap the photos? Set up a selfie station with different props and backdrops where guests can let loose in front of the camera. 

4. Display the content in real time. 

Another way to encourage UGC: Use attendees’ content for a media wall. Work with your technology partner to set up live social feeds that can be broadcast throughout the meeting space in real time. That way, when guests post to social media with your event hashtag, for instance, it’ll connect directly to the feed and be posted for all to see. 

How to Find UGC

OK, so you’ve asked attendees to share—and they’ve played their part swimmingly, writing reviews and sharing images galore. But how can your team actually find and use said content? Here are the two easiest ways to locate UGC:

Search by hashtag. Encourage attendees to use your event’s hashtag, which will filter all associated posts to one spot. All you’ll have to do is search the hashtag, and you’ll find every post submitted during the meeting with the hashtag. Just make sure your hashtag is unique to your event—otherwise you’ll be sorting through lots of unrelated content.

Search by location. When posting on social media, many people also tag their locations. So, check the posts associated with your meeting venue. Like a hashtag, platforms such as Instagram compile all related posts into one spot for easy perusing.