How to Keep Participants Focused During Important Meetings

Use these tips to help attendees concentrate and achieve meeting goals.

Bringing a group of people together for a meeting is sometimes just the beginning of the battle. Getting everyone properly focused to make a decision, come up with new ideas or learn new skills can be your biggest challenge.

In a recent article, Rhett Power lays out five tips for improving concentration and focus, which can be easily adapted for meetings.

Encourage Meeting Participants to Focus

Cut the noise: For some attendees, noise can be distracting, especially if it’s from a television or radio. Choose appropriate music, with the right beat at the right sound level, to relax, focus or energize meeting attendees. Or let the room go silent when extreme focus is needed.


Create a comfortable space: Getting rid of clutter may help clear attendees’ minds. Make the meeting space inviting with appropriate décor and good lighting. Use natural light when possible.


Limit multitasking: Ask participants to focus on one topic, problem or decision at a time. This will help them accomplish what they need to in the limited time given.


Incorporate movement: Exercise, even walking around the event space for a few minutes during a break, improves brain function and helps boost creativity.


Ban devices: Technology can be great, but it can also be distracting. Ditching devices — such as smartphones, laptops and tablets — is best when focus and concentration are necessary.