How to Keep Those ‘Type B’ Attendees Interested

These tips, including adding games and engaging the audience, will keep type B attendees inspired and attentive.

Type B workers tend to get a bad rap in the business world, especially when compared with their type A counterparts. Many assume they’re blasé, lazy and always late; when in reality, they’re incredibly creative, loyal and stress-free.

To keep these professionals engaged and excited during your meeting or event, keep these key tips and tricks in mind. From rocking receptions to creative brainstorming sessions, you can easily keep your type B’s happy and inspired.

Offer creative networking/brainstorming sessions. Type B’s are known for their creativity. From artists to writers to designers, they are often happiest when developing inspiring new products. In addition to being fonts of creativity, they’re also big-picture thinkers, making them essential to networking and brainstorming sessions. Offer idea-inducing sessions complete with chalkboards, white boards and inspiring decorations to keep type B’s doing what they do best.

Establish group-learning environments. Thanks to their stress-free, laid back attitude, type B’s work very well in group environments. Instead of fiercely competing, they work alongside their peers and thrive in collaborative settings. Feature group projects (like scavenger hunts or presentations) or do group presentations to keep them engaged.

Set up coffee stations. Type B individuals are night owls, so early-morning meetings or events can be tough. Instead of pushing back meeting times, provide multiple coffee stations around the meeting rooms and food tables to give these participants necessary jolts of caffeine.

Host a fun-loving reception. Multiple studies have found that type B people are more likely to be satisfied with their lives because of their relaxed personalities and calming demeanor. What’s more, they’re often outgoing and keen to make new friends. Let type B’s thrive after a busy professional event by hosting a fun and well-designed reception. Make sure the bar and tables are set up to encourage mingling and networking to keep them chatting.

Offer frequent, yet productive, breaks. This tip won’t just help the easygoing type B’s at your meeting but everyone else, too! Instead of long gatherings with just one or two breaks, provide frequent intermissions during presentations or sessions aimed at networking and discussing meeting objectives and agenda items. Set up drink stations and offer bites to keep everyone mingling — and satisfied!