How to Turn Your Event Space Into an Innovation Hub

Innovation hubs are becoming popular setups to bring people from different perspectives together in a communal space.

Innovation hubs are popping up in metro areas all over the world as companies look to provide more casual, impromptu spaces for employees to share and develop new ideas and projects. Meeting and event professionals can create the same type of innovative space at their next function with a central lounge that people can use to brainstorm, create and plan on their own or with a group. 

  1. Create a fluid setup. Part of the value of innovation hubs is that they allow anyone to drop in at any time, increasing communication not only among team members, but also between departments and even industries. Create an open meeting space with myriad seating setups to allow people to congregate or casually join conversations as needed.
  2. Provide plenty of brainstorming tools. Easels, flip charts, markers, white boards, colored pencils — any meeting staple you can think of should be available so attendees can articulate and share their thoughts. House them all in a central area where guests can retrieve them as needed.
  3. Host special events to create communal appeal. Part of the attraction of innovation hubs is the interest in connecting with like-minded people. Help drive people with similar interests to the hubs with dedicated events or activities, such as hackathons, challenges and idea pitches. Such events will both engage participants and spotlight the value of innovation hubs.