How to Use Laughter as the Ultimate Team-Bonding Activity

Bring on the laughs with these four funny activities

They say laughter is the best medicine, and science agrees: Laughter can reduce stress, boost your immune system and improve your mood, among other health benefits. 

When it comes to meetings, experts say leveraging humor can also boost productivity and team collaboration. To bring on the funny, consider the following activities to integrate humor into your next meeting.

Stand-Up Comedy

Hello, is this mic on? Just as you’d go straight to technology vendors for their expertise on tech issues, head straight to the funny by hiring a comedian. Just remember that many meetings are professional and off-handed jokes can make some attendees uncomfortable. Try an agency that specializes in corporate comedians who are guaranteed to add appropriate levity to business meetings and conventions. Another route: mimes, who can bring the funny without saying a word.

Hoping to add a little levity among guests instead? Consider an open-mic night for guests to show off their own talents.


Team-building at its best, improvisation exercises are a fun way to get attendees fired up and engaged as a team. Consider hiring a training firm that specializes in creating custom sketches for your meeting. Or, depending on your meeting size, you might consider a less expensive option: trying out some simple-but-effective improv exercises designed to build collaboration—no outside help required.


From Scrabble to table tennis, playing games can be a great way to build team camaraderie and help attendees connect—not to mention strike up a few laughs in the process. Set up the game room near the main meeting space to give people a cozy place to recharge in between sessions. 


Have a jam-packed agenda, leaving little room for a stand-up set, improv or table tennis? Consider showing short funny videos at the top of the meeting to warm up the crowd and set the tone for a fun gathering. Cat videos are never a bad place to start!