Inspiration for Your Next Female-Powered Event

Foster connections and confidence at your next all-women event with tips from these innovative coworking spaces

From world leaders to breakthrough scientists to master storytellers, women are quickly gaining capital in a number of different industries. But despite the leaps and bounds they’ve made pursuing their own enterprises, when women in business are confined within four cubicle walls at male-centric offices, that success can sometimes become thwarted. 

In addition to several budding for-women, by-women businesses (think: SafeHer), a growing number of female entrepreneurs are investing in single-sex coworking spaces, or havens for successful, driven female professionals looking to accomplish more while building a sense of sisterhood and camaraderie. 

And while you’re a pro at creating event spaces that cater to all genders, creeds and ethnicities, there’s no reason you can’t take cues from these powerful female entrepreneurs. Here are three of those coworking spaces, and ways to incorporate those ideas into your next women-fueled event.

The Wing

When Audrey Gelman found herself hopping from foot to foot in a dirty coffee shop bathroom trying to change into heels (while 20 minutes late for a meeting and with her phone’s battery at 2 percent), she knew she needed a change. So Gelman created the buzzy, women-only coworking space The Wing––a “sacred space where you can work, get to inbox zero, shower, get a blowout, store your stuff, take a conference call, make a new friend, or event stage a small coup. All in one place.” On top of those on-demand blowouts, paying members receive access to a lactation room and vanities with top-dollar beauty products.

The takeaway for your event: Consider offering small, travel-sized beauty products in takeaway bags or offering discounts for nearby salons. Even better? Bring salon services in-house if you can and employ stylish décor for seating and table arrangements.  

SheWorks Collective

While The Wing’s big selling point for members is undoubtedly the beauty-specific perks, for SheWorks Collective, getting work done is the primary goal.

According to the site, socializing and taking part in yoga and wellness events are encouraged, though not required, as most members walk into the room and get down to business right away. Although it’s not uncommon to see members knee-deep in analyzing reports or furiously tapping out novels on their keyboards, the environment is collaborative. 

The takeaway for your event: When women are working in the same space (void of distractions), they get stuff done. When it comes to organizing your next event, consider sectioning off rooms for private work and social collaboration. As your attendees are undoubtedly juggling a number of calls and requests at any given time (from international conference calls to PTO meetings), they’ll need to have access to both. 

Hera Hub

Like The Wing and SheWorks Collective, Hera Hub provides a work haven for professional, entrepreneurial-driven women. With a spa setting, of course. The main difference, however, is its national reach––the service is offered in cities throughout California and in Phoenix, Washington, D.C., and Stockholm. In other words, women who travel frequently for work may find a Hera Hub nearby. 

The takeaway for your event: If a number of women will be traveling to your event, stock their takeaway bags or hotel rooms with jet-setting goodies (travel-sized beauty products) or the comforts of home (encourage ample time to FaceTime or Skype with loved ones in quiet spaces).