Inspired Idea: Holiday Party Updates

How colors and textures can add festive appeal without being overly thematic

The winter holiday season is officially upon us, and with it come plenty of festive parties. But if you’re tired of the same decor year after year, consider spicing up your setup with these fun decorative ideas:

Creative Name Cards

Name tags in cookie-cutter shapes can be cute, especially for kid-centric events. But for something more elegant, consider creating a winter theme with frosted designs, such as snow-covered pinecones or glistening white apples, which can adequately house a card displaying guests’ names.






Festive Desserts

Not sure whether to offer candy canes or similar peppermint-infused treats? Incorporate sweets that are peppermint inspired instead, such as these striped petit fours. Simply using traditional red and white colors and diagonal lines will remind people of that holiday staple. (Bonus: The chocolate bites almost look like mini presents.)






Snowy Centerpieces

Not interested in Christmas trees or oversize snowflakes for tabletop showpieces? Try adorning vases with white twigs to create a snowy atmosphere. And small white pomanders can add a natural, almost snowball-like effect to the display.