Inspired Idea: Magical Setups

Magically transform event spaces with these creative concepts.

Magic is a world of illusion and fantasy, which lends itself well to the transformative effects desired for many events. And magical themes can be tailored to occasions involving various age groups, such as a children’s birthday party, a family-friendly function or an ornate gala.

Black, White and Red All Over

The right color scheme sets the perfect tone for the occasion. A traditional palette of black, white and red can manifest itself in myriad decor elements, from drapes to lighting to furniture coverings.






Complementary Decor

Complementary motifs, such as card deck shapes, tissue paper flowers and top hats, can add to the effect. Hats can also double as serveware for snacks or gifts or as creative centerpieces.







Magical Entertainers

Mimes, tarot card readers, jugglers and magicians can bring an event to life. Multiple entertainers may be appropriate for larger affairs to make sure every attendee has a chance to be wowed.