Inspired Idea: Make-Your-Own Cocktail Stations

Taking cues from the Renaissance Sao Paulo Hotel, here’s some inspiration for your next in-meeting DIY project

From scrapbooks to yardwork to those addictive recipe videos streaming by on your Facebook feed, there’s something inherently satisfying about doing it yourself. Of course, one drawback to DIY is the time and effort involved in creation––which can dampen the fun for more elaborate ventures.

But there’s one DIY project you can assign to attendees that only requires some light lifting and stirring of garnishes into a cup (and drinking it): make-your-own cocktail stations. 

On top of the fact that it’s, well, liquor, DIY cocktail stations are an excellent way to get guests mingling and chatting (e.g., what are you putting in yours?). We love this elegant arrangement from the Renaissance Sao Paulo Hotel, which pairs an assortment of fruits and garnishes near pitchers of alcohol (in this case it’s cachaça, the primary ingredient for Brazil’s national cocktail, the caipirinha). You needn’t serve caipirinhas specifically at your next event, but it’s the pick-your-own-pleasure quality that makes the activity especially fun for guests. 

Here are a few examples (plus the fixin’s) of DIY cocktails you can encourage guests to build on their own. Or, best of all, give them the option to create any of three:

•    Bloody Mary (bacon, celery, olives, limes and lemons, cilantro, Tabasco, Sriracha, cooked shrimp, jalapeño peppers, salt and pepper) 
•    Sangria (apples, peaches, fresh berries, mint leaves, orange slices)
•    Mojito (mint leaves, fresh berries, lemons and limes, blood orange slices)